Bewitching Clara Bow: Photoplay (Sep 1927)

Bewitching Clara Bow

likes her powder and perfume to match

There is a subtle harmony between all the Ben Hur toilet articles – the perfume, so delicately seductive, the toilet water, with its delicious aromatic fragrance, the satin – soft Ben Hur Powder. Clara Bow has discovered this harmony and made it her own. She autographs the lovely Ben Hur Toilet Set, shown above, as her special choice.     Women of taste and discrimination everywhere agree with her preference. They love the soft Ben Hur fragrance with its touch of mystery – love the dainty perfection of all the Ben Hur packages.     Gift packages of Ben Hur, handsome within and without, reflect the latest designs and colorings, $1.00 to $10.00. They make beautiful gifts for Christmas and other occasions, too. The extract also comes in bulk, in miniature bottles and in purse bottles, flat little vials just the size and shape to tuck conveniently into your purse.

You may buy these delightful Ben Hur accessories for the toilette at leading druggists and toilet goods counters.     The smart young girl, the chic older woman, both will welcome these lovely gift boxes for all occasions.     If you’d like to try Ben Hur Perfume and enjoy its seductive fragrance, write us for a free miniature vial of the extract and a tiny box of the face powder. They will bring you a breath of sweetness you will never again want to be without. The Andrew Jergens Company, Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinatti, Ohio.

Captions, clockwise from left

  1. The dainty Ben Hur Toilet Set selected by Clara Bow – containing Ben Hur Perfume, Ben Hur Toilet Water, and a silver-finished Ben Hur compact. The box is designed in rose and violet, with a rose-colored satin lining
  2. “I like my powder and perfume to match. So I have selected this Ben Hur Toilet Set as my choice. I think it’s charming, too.”
  3. Clara Bow is her most amazing and vivacious self in her latest Paramount picture, “Wings”, a thrilling epic of the air

Photoplay, September of 1927.

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