Clara Bow’s Secret: Photoplay (Oct 1929)

“Clara Bow’s Secret”

“You either love her or you hate her,” men all say – and then fall in love with her.

The secret’s out – Clara Bow’s secret – the secret something that brought her up from obscurity to stardom in a few short months, and kept her there. For Clara Bow does have something. It’s just as real off the screen as on it, and it’s the big reason why Hollywood herself has taken Miss Bow into her arms.

Elinor Glyn calls that something “IT”. Others call it personality. Clara Bow, in the October issue of Screen Book Magazine, defines “IT”, classifies “IT”, and even tells you how to get it! It wasn’t easy to get Miss Bow to write her story. For after all, :IT: is an intimate part of her being. She knew she’d have to boldly confess a good deal of her intimate and private life that screen stars don’t usually talk about.

But she knew the secret, and she knew it wasn’t fair to keep it. For her simple, clear explanation of hoe and why she has “IT” and how others can obtain “IT” – is something everyone should know and profit by. It was on this argument that we finally prevailed upon Miss Bow to write this story. Read “Clara Bow’s Secret” in the October issue of Screen Book Magazine. It’s on the newsstands everywhere for only 25c. For the woman who knows she’s lacking – for the wise woman who wants to improve and develop “IT”, Clara Bow’s story is bound to be of great help.

Screen Book is the newest idea in movie magazines. Everything every movie lover demands in a motion picture magazine is in Screen Book – and more! Each issue of Screen Book, in addition to Studio Gossip; News; Movie Reviews; Full-Size Gravure Portraits of the Stars; and personal stories written by the stars themselves, contains the equivalent of a $2 book-length novel complete in each issue. The October number of Screen Book contains the complete, fully illustrated novel “Madame X”, the movie of which is now sweeping the country by storm.

“Clara Bow’s Secret is only the first of a series of stories by prominent stars designed to help women improve their charms.In the November issue of Screen Book, Lupe Velez writes “How to Attract the Man,” and following issues all through the year bring you equally informative, intimate stories by other famous screen stars.

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Photoplay, October of 1929.

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