What is the main purpose of Our Lady of Whims?

  • To transcribe vintage articles on Clara Bow
  • To transcribe the songs she sang in her films Love Among the Millionires, True to the Navy, and the promotional, musical spectacle Paramount on Parade
  • To transcribe vintage adverts she appeared in, such as Lux Toilet Soap and The Clara Bow Hat
  • To transcribe vintage reviews of her films

Not only that, but also…

Courtesy of the Clara Bow Archive

  • To present up-to-date information on Clara’s films
  • Clara related news
  • Videos
  • A fan-made tribute

Our Lady of Whims is a constantly growing and evolving labor of love, taking it’s name from a 1925 film of Clara’s, My Lady of Whims. It is my hope that you find this site enjoyable and, most of all, informative. Any comments relating to the site as a whole please post below.

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