Cal York’s Monthly Broadcast from Hollywood: Photoplay (March 1931)

It really doesn’t look as though Clara Bow is ever going to get sense enough to keep out of trouble. The latest mess, this lawsuit that the papers have been full of, was positively disgusting. Her amatory adventures, even with Harry Richman and Rex Bell, promote no great admiration for her.

But now, Clara has proved herself a sucker. The position of a sucker, in real life or on the screen, was clearly given by W. C. Fields, the great comedian – or, maybe, it was Texas Guinan: “Never give a sucker an even break!”

You have read all the details in the newspapers. There is no need to recount them here. It has all been a sordid mess. Personally we don’t care if we ever see Clara Bow on the screen again. When we do, it will be with a feeling that every half dollar we throw to her picture means star sapphires for a lot of bozos.

The story is pretty well authenticated in Los Angeles that the engagement – or whatever you call it – between Harry Richman and Clara Bow was a clever press agent idea on the part of Richman’s producers. We are inclined to believe it, and give them credit for a very smart idea of it’s kind.

You are probably fed up with Clara, and so are we.


  • Who’s the little girl in the opaque cheaters? Nobody but our best girl friend, Clara Bow, as she looked on the witness-stand in the trial of her former secretary, Daisy De Voe!

Photoplay, March of 1931. Written by Cal York.

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